Future Farming in Tyrol

Plant your ideas for a sustainable future of farming

About the Contest

Tyrolean agriculture is an important part of society and has a long tradition, there are about 16.900 agricultural and forestry enterprises. Agricultural production in 2010 amounted to 250 million euros. It serves to produce food, offers a wide variety of services such as holiday on the farm and shapes the Tyrolean cultural landscape. In recent years, Tyrolean farmers have increasingly faced problems in international competition. This is due to regional conditions, such as hillside locations, relatively short cultivation periods and small family farms. Thus 85% of the agricultural labour force is family owned. In order to differentiate from mass trade, farmers should concentrate on a local market with regional products, services and cooperation. The focus should be on quality. The aim is to find ideas and solutions that respond to current and future trends and are feasible for Tyrolean farmers. For example, the focus of society is changing towards more regional organic products and away from international mass production.

In cooperation with the Chamber of Agriculture of Tyrol, the Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism of the University of Innsbruck held by Prof. Dr. Johann Füller initiated a project on the future of farming in Tyrol. Together with students, new approaches and ideas for shaping the future of Tyrol’s farming are to be developed.

Initators future farming of Tyrol

In order to meet the constantly increasing challenges of Tyrolean agriculture, future-oriented adaptations are needed. We are therefore looking for creative and innovative ideas that are not only able to prepare agriculture for change, but also to grow with the challenges. How and to what extent can different trends and developments be addressed? The aim is to develop possible solutions for farmers that can be implemented in the Tyrol region. The focus is supposed to be on quality and regionality. You are completely free to whether come up with your own ideas, you are welcome to respond to existing trends, add new trends or make general suggestions for improvement. There are no limits, whether it is a complementary product, a best practice example, the change of an existing or the development of a new business model.

Questions to suggest ideas
Which innovative products could be developed?
Are there also cooperations that can help to effectively implement "future farming"?
Who can be involved here? Which cooperations can you imagine in general and especially with start ups?
Which technologies could be needed in the future?
What sales models are conceivable?
How can synergies be generated?
How can agriculture be made more sustainable?
What skills are needed to tackle the challenges?

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria should be considered when developing ideas:

  • Creativity
  • Market Attractiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Practicability

Experts will additionally evaluate the ideas with respect to the following criteria:

  • Elaboration
  • Reginality / Feasibility in Tyrol
  • Economic Efficiency